Papers 목록

Papers 목록
No. Paper Journal Author Volume, Page URL
41 Molecular imaging of the kinetics of vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression in ischemic myocardium. Circulation Wu JC, Chen IY, Wang Y, Tseng JR, Chhabra A, Salek M, Min JJ, Fishbein MC, Crystal R, Gambhir SS 110(6):685-91
40 Tetraphenylphosphonium as a novel molecular probe for imaging tumors. J Nucl Med Min JJ, Biswal S, Deroose C, Gambhir SS 45(4):636-43
39 Radionuclide reporter gene imaging. Korean J Nucl Med Min JJ 38(2):143-151.
38 Micro-positron emission tomography imaging of cardiac gene expression in rats using bicistronic adenoviral vector-mediated gene delivery. Circulation Chen IY, Wu JC, Min JJ, Sundaresan G, Lewis X, Liang Q, Herschman HR, Gambhir SS 109(11):1415-20
37 Imaging tri-fusion multimodality reporter gene expression in living subjects. Cancer Res Ray P, De A, Min JJ, Tsien RY, Gambhir SS 64(4):1323-30.
36 Gene therapy progress and prospects: noninvasive imaging of gene therapy in living subjects. Gene Ther Min JJ, Gambhir SS 11(2):115-25
35 Recent Progress in Medical Imaging: Mloecular Imaging in Living Subjects. J Korean Soc Med Inform. Min JJ, Massoud TF. 9(4):349-373.
34 Comparison of [18F]FHBG and [14C]FIAU for imaging of HSV1-tk reporter gene expression: adenoviral infection vs stable transfection. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging Min JJ, Iyer M, Gambhir SS 30(11):1547-60.
33 Differential effects of green tea polyphenol in the γ-irradiation induced human leukemic and lymphoblastic cell damage Korean J Nucl Med Jeong HJ, Kim EM, Min JJ, Bom HS, Kim YH, Jeong YD, Kim CG. 37(5):308-316.
32 Molecular imaging of cardiac cell transplantation in living animals using optical bioluminescence and positron emission tomography. Circulation Wu JC, Chen IY, Sundaresan G, Min JJ, De A, Qiao JH, Fishbein MC, Gambhir SS 108(11):1302-5
31 Radioresistance of dendritic cells. Korean J Nucl Med Kim ES, Kim CS, Li MH, Bom HS, Min JJ, Jeong HJ, Kim SM, Song HC, Lee JJ. 37(3):190-198.
30 Development and assessment individual maximum permissible dose method of I-131 therapy in high risk patients with differentiated papillary thyroid cancer. Korean J Nucl Med Kim JC, Yoon JH, Bom HS, Jaegal YJ, Song HC, Min JJ, Jeong HJ, Kim SM, Heo YJ, Li MH, Park YK, Chung JK. 37(2):110-119.
29 Determination of the prognostic value of [(18)F]fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by using positron emission tomography in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Nucl Med Commun Jeong HJ, Min JJ, Park JM, Chung JK, Kim BT, Jeong JM, Lee DS, Lee MC, Han SK, Shim YS. 23(9):865-70
28 In vitro and in vivo characteristics of a human colon cancer cell line, SNU-C5N, expressing sodium-iodide symporter. Nucl Med Biol Min JJ, Chung JK, Lee YJ, Shin JH, Yeo JS, Jeong JM, Lee DS, Bom HS, Lee MC. 29(5):537-45.
27 Focal pulmonary uptake during Tc-99m myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging. Clin Nucl Med Kim SM, Bom HS, Song HC, Jeong HJ, Min JJ, Li MH, Lee JT, Lim ST, Kim JY. 26(11):913-5.
26 Relationship between expression of the sodium/iodide symporter and (131)I uptake in recurrent lesions of differentiated thyroid carcinoma. Eur J Nucl Med Min JJ, Chung JK, Lee YJ, Jeong JM, Lee DS, Jang JJ, Lee MC, Cho BY. 28(5):639-45.
25 Preoperative Cisternoscintigraphy As a Guide to Therapeutic Decision Making for Cystic Subdural Hygroma: Case Report Korean J Nucl Med Kim SM, Bom HS, Song HC, Min JJ, Jeong HJ, Kim JY. 34(4):366-369.
24 Comparison of radiation adaptive responses in peripheral lymphocytes of patients undergoing 99mTc MDP and 99mTc DTPA scintigraphies. Korean J Nucl Med Bom HS, Li MH, Min JJ, Kwon AS, Kim JY. 34(3):252-259.
23 Relationship between Radiation Induced Activation of DNA Repair Genes and Radiation Induced Apoptosis in Human Cell Line A431. Korean J Nucl Med Bom HS, Min JJ, Choi KH, Kim KK. 34(2):144-153.
22 Development of a Noble Dosimetry Using Metaphase Analysis and Micronuclei Assay of Bone Marrow Cells in Mice. Korean J Nucl Med Min JJ, Bom HS, Kim YH, Yoon HJ, Kim JY. 34(1):74-81.
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