Papers 목록

Papers 목록
No. Paper Journal Author Volume, Page URL
15 A phase II clinical trial to investigate the effect of pioglitazone on (18)F-FDG uptake in malignant lesions. EJNMMI Res Han YH, Kwon SY, Kim J, Na CJ, Choi S, Min JJ, Bom HS, Kim YC, Oh IJ, Chae HJ, Lim ST, Sohn MH, Jeong HJ. 5(1):50.
14 Predictive Efficacy of Interim Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) for the Treatment of Aggressive Lymphoma. Chonnam Med J Yang DH, Jung SH, Ahn JS, Kim YK, Min JJ, Bom HS, Lee JJ, Kim HJ. 51(3):109-14.
13 Activation of inflammasome by attenuated Salmonella typhimurium in bacteria-mediated cancer therapy. Microbiol Immunol. Phan TX, Nguyen VH, Duong MT, Hong Y, Choy HE, Min JJ. 59(11):664-75.
12 All three TonB systems are required for Vibrio vulnificus CMCP6 tissue invasiveness by controlling flagellum expression. Infect Immun. Duong-Nu TM, Jeong K, Hong SH, Nguyen VH, Van Ngo H, Min JJ, Lee SE, Rhee JH. 84(1):254-65.
11 Comparison of 18F-labeled Fluoroalkylphosphonium Cations with 13N-NH3 for PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. J Nucl Med Kim DY, Kim HS, Reder S, Zheng JH, Herz M, Higuchi T, Pyo A, Bom HS, Schwaiger M, Min JJ. 56(10):1581-6.
10 Enzymatic prenylation and oxime-ligation for highly stable and homogeneous protein-drug conjugates for targeted therapy Angew Chem Int Ed Engl Lee JJ, Choi HJ, Yun M, Kang YJ, Jung JE, Ryu Y, Kim TY, Cha YJ, Cho HS, Min JJ, Chung CW and Kim HS 54(41):12020-4.
9 Salmonella typhimurium Suppresses Tumor Growth via the Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Interleukin-1β. Theranostics. Kim JE, Phan TX, Nguyen VH, Dinh-Vu HV, Zheng JH, Yun M, Park SG, Hong Y, Choy HE, Szardenings M, Hwang W, Park JA, Park S, Im SH, Min JJ. 5(12):1328-42.
8 Flagellin is a strong vaginal adjuvant of a therapeutic vaccine for genital cancer. Oncoimmunology Lee SE, Hong SH, Verma V, Lee YS, Duong TN, Jeong K, Uthaman S, Sung YC, Lee JT, Park IK, Min JJ, Rhee JH. 5(2):e1081328.
7 Pulmonary tuberculosis mimicking pulmonary metastases on 131I post-therapeutic scan. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. Kim J, Kwon SY, Min JJ, Bom HS, Song HC. 42(9):1481.
6 Isolation and Characterization of a Monobody with a Fibronectin Domain III Scaffold That Specifically Binds EphA2. PLoS One Park SH, Park S, Kim DY, Pyo A, Kimura RH, Sathirachinda A, Choy HE, Min JJ, Gambhir SS, Hong Y. 10(7):e0132976.
5 Radiosynthesis and evaluation of 18F-labeled aliphatic phosphonium cations as a myocardial imaging agent for positron emission tomography. Nucl Med Commun. Kim DY, Kim HS, Min JJ. 36(7):747-54.
4 L-Asparaginase delivered by Salmonella typhimurium suppresses solid tumors. Mol Ther Oncolytics Kim K, Jeong JH, Lim D, Hong Y, Lim HJ, Kim GJ, Shin SR, Lee JJ, Yun M, Harris RA, Min JJ, Choy HE. 2:15007.
3 Effect of chitosan coating on a bacteria-based alginate microrobot. Biotechnol Bioeng Park SJ, Lee YK, Cho S, Uthaman S, Park IK, Min JJ, Ko SY, Park JO, Park S. 112(4):769-76.
2 Prognostic significance of interim PET/CT based on visual, SUV-based, and MTV-based assessment in the treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphoma BMC Cancer. Jung SH, Ahn JS, Kim YK, Kweon SS, Min JJ, Bom HS, Kim HJ, Chae YS, Moon JH, Sohn SK, Lee SW, Byun BH, Do YR, Lee JJ, Yang DH. ;15:198.
1 In-house development of an optimized synthetic module for routine [11C]acetate production. Nucl Med Commun Jang HY, Kwon SY, Pyo A, Hur MG, Kim SW, Park JH, Kim HJ, Yang SD, Lee S, Kim DY, Min JJ. 36(1):102-6.
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